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Goodness Gracious Potatoes

Hello again folks! And again, sorry for yet another submission spam! It's been almost a year since I last updated my weasel, urhghghg.. I decided to just try and upload my favourites from this year so far, so no sketches or anything inbetween clogging things up, so there arent as many submissions a…

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Phew! Spam over!

Sorry about that! Haven't used the site in quite a long time and so I was mass uploading a bunch of what I thought were my better pics of 2013, as well as some current pictures too. Flood over now!

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Sorry for absence!

So sorry for disappearing for a while! I'm gonna try and start to post things here again.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you all have a lovely time! It's going to be 2013 before we know it! Happy holidays folks uwu

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Incoming spam warning!

I've been doing some christmas Pokemon cards and felt I wanted to share them here too! Sorry for the sudden flood of uploads!