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Vincent Hayes / 30 / Male / Austin, Texas

The cube, it speaks only to me!
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Yes, I'm going. :) Unless of course, the polar vortex unleashes ice hell upon the US and I'm screwed out of the flight.

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Finally! Contact Info Visible!

I was waiting forever for Weasyl to finally make it so people could see the contact info you've filled in on your profile page. NOW this thing offers more to me than FA does. They just need to add a Nintendo Network ID field. :p

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Furry Fiesta Almost Here!

Wooo! I can't wait! Furry Fiesta in 2 days, you shall see me there! Come to my Transformation panel on Friday as well!

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Wii U

After fooling around with it for a few days, updating everything, and getting everything figured out, I am now ready to share with the furry universe that I have a Wii U! (Well, unless you follow me on Twitter, then I announced it long ago.) If you want to add me, I'm OutwarLackey123 on there.

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Where can a guy go to get a burd TF around here? 8C

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Dat Weasyl

Awww yeah, dat Weasyl is back. FINALLY NOW I WANT TO INVITE MORE PEOPLE D8