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Kevin Pandaheart / Male / Argentina

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Free plushie raffle!

Ohai everyone!! This is a signal boost for pancakelicious! She's holding a raffle/giveaway of these cute plushie-charms --> click this link for details and how to enter. ♥ Go give her some love! She's awesum :3

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So, Weasyl...!

Hello, Weasyl!! And with "Weasyl" I mean "people", or "fellow furries"!!! I've decided to start being more active here since many artists I follow on FA moved over here, annnnd I love this site! So, as you may already know, I'm a musician :3 What I do mainly is sing, and talk silly blabberish (but…

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*SINGING* Hello Weasyl!!

This southern panda salutes all the Weasyl browsers out there :3 I wanted to write a more or less standard length "Hello World" self-introduction. My name is Kevin Pandaheart, though most people call me Jazzypanda (which is my username over at FurAffinity and InkBunny). Others simply call me "panda…