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Mouse-D / male / Russia

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
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Furry YCH comissions

Greathing! I have new art event! YCH commissions is opened in this September! Just join and sent me a IM with character reference and any questions! The text under each sticker allowed too) Pricelist: 2$ lineart only (each) 7$…

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Comissions August (open)

Hello alls! i have little problems with posting journals and arts on DA page and thinking what posting here journal entry would be right too. I changed my comission pricelist I deleted my furaffinity page and little review prices. (Seriously i deleted my FA page) Reminds what i have not many free t…

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Patreon questions

Good time of a day everyone! I have few questions about my new Patreon page) What news for last days: upload new sketch and one funny picture. Sigh i falled a Vilentine time but can color this valentine sketch later. Have few questions about my progress way: 1) w…