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MoonstalkerWerewolf / 29 / Female / Arizona, USA

Eepses and Screeches
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
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I be DED on here

I really don't use this site, so if you really want to see my work, please follow my deviantART or else my Tumblr! Tumblr | Tumblr Art and Sketch Blog | deviantART

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And posting some art. @A@

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Weasyl Inactivity

I don't post here often at all and I kind of let art accumulate so much that it'd take me a ridiculous amount of time to upload them all here. If you want to follow my art, PLEASE, PLEASE follow my Deviantart or my Tumblr Art and Sketch Blog. I doubt I'll post here anymore but I will check up on it…

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I Caught Up

I finally caught up on the submissions. Yay me. 8D

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The (Almost) Dead Weasyl of a Moon

Wellp it's been forever since I uploaded anything onto here, so if I do manage to muster the will to upload everything I've done in November and December, bless your hearts and souls because it'll be a pretty steady spam of art....Although I'm honestly thinking of just leaving this Weasyl account s…

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Aww Geez

I really need to be more active here. I have so many new works that I've posted onto dA but not here Why do I do this to myself HAHAHHAHAHAHA