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monochromatic-dragon / 28 / Bigender (she) / Wisconsin

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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PWYW COMMS (thru Aug 25)

Ok, since I'm taking the next week off of work, I'm doing a PWYW sale for the next few days. Here are the rules Minimum of $5 All will be full-color Please specify if you prefer digital or traditional You must pay at least $10+ for a full-body drawing Comment or note me if interested

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Happening over on my FurAffinity account 1 full-color headshot badge. Shipped for free to the winner!

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Introducing Myself

Hi! I'm pretty new here even though I made my account a while ago. I plan to fill this place with more submissions when I finally get time /o\ Anyway, here is a fellow artist who is also new to the site and offering free art right now Hope t…