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Don't Forget!!!

All commission slots are open! (3) Califur Badges are on sale for just $5!!! IN PERSON DELIVERY ON SITE!!! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5705913/ YCH sale is still going on until May 5th! (HB is at $25) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13334708/

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Califur Badges~

Badges will be $5 and will include name and portrait of your character. Digital and in full color! Full body badges will be $10 Badges will be laminated and brought to Califur for pick up. (I don't have a ticket so I'll be outside x3 Don't worry I'll post where I am and what to look for a few days…

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Open for commissions! 2 slots! First come first serve~ Message me here or on FA :)

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Open Slots and Things!

Hey guys! I've got one slot open right now and will be opening another later today~ :D Keep an eye on my profile page to see when the next slot opens! CASH COMMISSIONS VIA PAYPAL ONLY RIGHT NOW PLZ! <3 Anyone interested in custom designed characters? I love making custom characters MATURE IMAGES (n…

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Commission UPDATE!

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a little update on some changes to look out for in the very near future. I will be prioritizing CASH/Paypal commissions over SL lindens. I don't really play SecondLife anymore so Lindens are of little to no use to me at this time. Commission turnaround time varie…

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One Slot Open!

One open commission slot! Slots are first come first serve to whomever has their reference and request ready. Please message me privately either on here or my FA. (same name) Once your request is approved I will send you my paypal address.