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Commissions Open!

Hey everyone <3 Commissions are open ;v; if you're interested in commissioning me, please send a note >v< My prices are on my front page <3

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Anyone interested in Commissions? ovo

Hello all! I'm just gathering info atm, asking if anyone is interested in commissions? ;v; I'm not opening them now, and I have to update the prices on this site cause they're slightly more than what's on here, but! If anyone's interested, please let me know ;v; I will be sure to open in case there…

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I STOLE THIS FROM A FELLOW WEASYL USER HAHA What's your real name? Shane! How tall are you? 5'2! I'm a short mofo What's your natural hair color? Black What's your eye color? BROWN What's your orientation? Totes gay. Girls are cuties but I'm all about dicks Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken…