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Going to be more active here!

Since I need multiple sites anyways and since Fur Affinity is sketchy at best, I'm definitely going to be more active on here! c: If you'd like to help me gain some popularity on here, I would REALLY appreciate favoriting my work, commenting on it, watching me, anything! Every little bit is very mu…

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oOo So I've been working on a higher quality icon for myself recently, since I changed the resolution of stuff and made everything all high(er) definition. Plus it gave me a chance to screw around with some lighting stuff (which I'm sure there are errors with, oops) and to get comfortable using thi…

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Pokemon Battles? [ORAS or X/Y]

;;u;; I am so bored right now. Any of you who have a 3DS and Pokemon ORAS or X/Y, hit me up so we can battle or something. Just leave your friend code below, and I'll add ya. My FC is 5343 - 9616 - 5512. The Mii should be a guy with cat ears. o3o