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September Updates

September 26, 2016: Finished Fanart: Pikachu Mimikyu Halloween (Pokemon) September 25, 2016: Pixels: Mimikyu as different Pokemon: Round 2: 7 pixels, http://mi…

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Next Mani

I was planning to do one Pokemon nail art and then something else, then Pokemon again, until I had painted all the Kantomon on my nails. The last was Pokemon and the current one that I have is M&Ms…

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July Updates

July 30, 2016: Art: The Ninja Mommy for Shi July 27, 2016: Finished Fanart: Uroko (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea) July 25, 2016: Pixel…

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Pokemon Go Team

Team Instinct... I know it's not the biggest, but I wouldn't change it if given the opportunity. Here are my reasons for picking this team in Pokemon Go. I'll give each team 0 to 2 points in various aspects. These are my opinions based on personal taste. Color: blue is my favorite and yellow is ok,…

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Fav Pokemon of each type

Fav Pokemon of each type This meme grid was made by Megan I filled it with my fav Pokemon of each type. I favor electric Pokemon so not all the Pokemon here are among my overall favs, just the ones I like best for each type. My top fav is still Pikachu. I also like Meowstic, Cha…

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Pokemon Go

My starter was Charmander. The app wouldn't load for me correctly at first and it looked like I was standing in the middle of the ocean. Charmander loaded first. I didn't even know I could pick a starter until I saw someone else start their game (and get stuck because none of the starters responded…

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Something bad happened to a friend recently and I can identify, not because the same thing happened to me, but because I’ve been in a similar situation with vastly different results. I hope she never has to go through something like that again and at the same time I’m grateful for my own positive e…

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Nail Art Tools

In this post I'll answer some of the questions people ask most often about my nail art. Are those stickers? No, they are drawings. I used stickers in the past, but went full custom nail art a few years ago and I'm enjoying it a lot more. Are your nails fake? No, they are natural, I know the basics…

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Art Archives

I have to thank Adri for inspiring me to give Word Press another chance. Though I still prefer PHP, HTML5, JS and my beloved CSS3 for I did get around to making an account at the Word Press site and it's been useful despite the customization limitations. It…

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Fearlessly (Songs of Faith)

Fearlessly If you are with me, who is against me? If you comfort me, none could destroy me... Nothing to fear, nothing to fear, God is near... Let the wind blow, let the storm grow, Nothing will come near my soul. Let the skies crack, darkness attack, We won't be subdued, With faith renewed, My bri…

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June Updates

June 30, 2016: Pixel: Pharos (Persona 3) for Snow June 28, 2016: Finished Fanart: Lightning Returns (Final Fantasy XIII) June 20, 2…

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May Updates

May 30, 2016: New layout for the links page, Kaito from Vocaloid. Lineart WIP: Kratos (Tales of Symphonia) May 29, 2016: New layout! Fakir from Princess Tutu. May 28, 2…

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Songs of Faith

Songs of Faith xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox Journey to Eternity Start a journey to find... The brightest light... Focus, don't stray... from the path. To realize, the dreams, that find, a way, Deep into your heart. What are you waiting for? - It's a new day. Guide me towa…

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Active Sites is my personal network about my favorite things: videogames (JRPGs), anime, movies (sci-fi, super heroes), web-desgin, digital, pixel and nail art. These are the sites where I'm active, I've been on other sites over the years, but these are the only ones where I still post. If a site…

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Someone asked me what my top 10 fav actors and actresses were. The order depends on what type of movie I want to watch, so here are the actors in no particular order: Chris Pratt Tom Cruise Hayden Christensen Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Orlando Bloom Leonardo Dicaprio Brad Pitt Jackie Chan Harrison…

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Tales of

These are my thoughts and opinions about Tales of Symphonia, which I just finished. I also talk about Tales of Hearts and a little about Zestiria. There will be spoilers in this post. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Symphonia as I played and I know that many on Twitter hold it as their…

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Decided to blog about a bunch of sites where I post or used to post... I might have forgotten a few... or more than a few. This list doesn't include forums, because I've been on way too many of those over the years and couldn't possibly remember half of them. First, my main site: http://azurelight.…