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Mifflin Falden / Genderless / Placeless

Cotton candy chameleon
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Gonna try dusting this place off again

Idk how popular this stuff still is but imma try posting stuff here again. Usually I do it through PostyBirb anyways so it just goes up in the background. Idk if I'm gonna post Impact here, but it's up on Comic Fury at -- As a reminder, all of my profiles are list…

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Well then

I guess Weasyl's experiencing a big spike now that FA's down... or everyone still forgets about this and is posting on e621 or Tumblr or wherever.

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Oh hey this thing

Whoops I guess FA is done for. I'll be here I guess, and on

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Uncommon species

Hey guys, what are some species I don't draw (or at least don't draw enough of)?

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Hallowe'en and moving

I'm currently moving, so I won't be around much until we're settled into the new house. Happy Hal'low-e'eñ, everybody.

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I’m making a dress-up game featuring Miff! Dress up games have always been something I liked, and I’ve been wanting to make something like this for a while. My main impetus behind it is that it gives me the perfect excuse to draw Miff in any outfit I want. ;p I’m hoping something will come of this…