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More art options

Now running a sale for full body characters based off the Chinese zodiac. First come, first serve 1. Rat 2. Ox 3. Tiger 4. Rabbit 5. Dragon 6. Snake 7. Horse 8. Goat/Ram 9. Monkey 10. Rooster 11. Dog 12. Pig/Boar Cat Sales start at 15$ (Only goes up if you want something really complex) Sale for gu…

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Raffle winner is.....

We went over to random.org (which seems to be the greatest random number generator we found) Sadly we had only 19 entries, which is good for the entries but bad for us. We didnt get that many new followers but reguardless free art shall be given So I look over at Nico and ask her what she thinks an…

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Demonic Raffle

Ok so here we are, We are going to hold a raffle to kick some of this off. Prize for the winner: 1. Full body color Demon by AND 2. the Same Demon Full body color by To clarify, you get either your own existing demon drawn, get to pick one from the list, or get to make a brand new demon up and just…

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Hierarchy of Hell

. . . . . Hierarchy of Hell Join the Legion now. Are you evil beyond compare? Does your blood spawn from the hatred and evil? Is every thought that that you have corrupt and vile? Join the Legion now. ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ are starting Predesigned Sale and Com…