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Matoakit / Pineapple / MI, USA

Sewing faux
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Settled in Michigan

Going well so far, settled in Michigan and have some income from a part time accounting job. I've started working on my huge backlog of planned fursuits in my spare time, so hopefully I'll have some cool new creations coming out soon. I'll probably open for commissions sometime early next year, but…

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Life goes on

Getting settled in the new house, it was a foreclosure, so it needed a bit of clean up and elbow grease to get into shape. Also Michigan is known for it's long winters, so I'm prepping for that. Money is very tight, so no cons or travel planned for the next year, although it's stable with the side…

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FA account closed

Finally deleted all my arts and disabled my FA account. Shouldn't be a thing anymore. I'll be checking in here more often, and looking forward to catching up with you lovely fuzzballs. (And scaled thingies)

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Fursuit for sale!

Listed my Corgi for sale, 2 days left!

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Leaving Washington

I was thinking about leaving Washington, and getting serious about life somewhere else. I'm a tech guy and there is such an oversaturation of tech people here that there are very few openings with tons of applicants. So I'm looking for a nice town anywhere in the country, with low or no crime and t…

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Con hold

I'm putting all con plans on temporary hold to focus my time and finances on making my business successful. So if I don't respond or you wonder why I'm not posting anything, that would be why! Hopefully just a year or two! TTFN

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Life strikes back!

AC will be my next and last planned convention this year, I may still make it to others, but they will be last minute decisions. Lots of life stuff going on right now, many new challenges to overcome, but hopefully things will work out for the best in the end. Take care everyone!

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Seattle! (Life Update)

Just some typing and words. So, almost everything is packed into storage, the house is clear and I'm hoping for a good offer soon. I've found nice properties in Bremerton that are perfect. Going to the UK for Confuzzled, I had already paid and booked everything before I quit my job, so just some sm…

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Vancoufur, BLFC, AC, CFz, Megaplex super Meme (Updated 3/7)

Borrowed from the friendly MikuneFolf Where are you staying? At the main convention Hotel! What day are you getting there? Usually the day before the start of the convention Who will you be with? I want to hug and meet everyone! Do you do free art or trades? Rarely. Do you do commissions/badges? No…

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Yay Weasyl!

Finished migrating my small collection of art and gifts from FA, and looking forward to finding all of my old friends here on Weasyl. If you know me feel free to send me a friend request! =)