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Mandakatt / 44 / Female / Minnesota

Where ever you go, Go with all your heart.
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One of these days.. .

Hello all! I keep forgetting that I have a gallery here. XD One of these days I will start to submit my older artwork - either that or I'll just continue to be lazy, and keep everything over on FA and my more current stuff here. [That will probably be what happens. XD] I admit, I don't use this sit…

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So! I guess I'll be moving my Gallery here.

It was just a matter of time before I worked my way over here. Just a heads up that you're going to see a bit of an Art Flood. XD I'll be moving both old artwork and new over here, so I'll probably create folders for that, once I figure out how to use all the features that Weasyl has. =3 I do like…