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Commissions closed!

Thanks so much to everyone for their interest, all the slots have now been handed out and are pending confirmation :) Lots of great critters this round!

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Summer Fursuit Commissions OPEN!

It's that time again; fursuit commissions are now open! For a quote, please fill out the following form with all the relevant information and I will reply to you as soon as possible with your quote and information on how to continue with the commission if you choose so. Kigu commissions will be ope…

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Up to date!

Just finished cross-posting everything from the last few months and getting all my submissions up to date, so sorry for flooding your inboxes a little bit! I'll try and be a bit more on it with updating here, got lots to show in the next few week! :)

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Fursuit and kigu commissions open!

Commissions are now open! I will accepting less commissions than usual this time round since I'm moving at the end of summer and don't want to overload myself with work, so if you're interested, make sure you send in a form quick! Forms will be open for as long as it takes me to fill up slots, so w…

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REMINDER: Fursuit and kigu commissions opening tomorrow!

Just a little reminder that fursuit and kigu commissions are opening tomorrow! So have your ref sheets ready, and I'll be replying to quotes starting from Tuesday :) I'll be open until I fill all of my slots for this round, so it's not first come first served, but I wouldn't suggest leaving it too…

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Few uploads + upcoming commission info

I'm gonna try and be more active on here so I'm gonna start with uploading some art I've done over the last month or so. Will upload a few pieces a day until they're up to date. I'm also gonna be updating my commission page when I've gathered enough examples of what I offer. I've had this for a few…

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New here :D

Much like everyone else aha. So yeah, hi! From what I've seen so far I'm really loving all the features, will be having a look around a bit more and posting up some art and fursuits when I get the chance. Until then I'm just gonna be finding a few people to follow to get going with this place a bit…