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Bluestorm, Running on!
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Heads Up, I've Moved..ish!!

To put it short, I was crossposting art to sites for a while, but I've grown weary of it, and the art site I really took a shine to started back up again, so if you'd like to keep up with my future works, please check out my Sheezy profile! Thank you for having me, I will still keep this gallery up…

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Introduction + Mild Roadmap..?

!!--Please note that the contents of this journal are somewhat aged by now, and that I've since stopped worrying about the order in which I post things.. The list found in here is kept intact as a point of reference for myself when posting LW related things, and nothing more)--!! Hey All!! WELCOME…

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Rebooting my Weasyl Content

I'm looking for a bit more consistency between platforms I run, so if anything seems off, broken, or messy-- just know I'm making preparations to line up my Weasyl uploads with the details I've posted them with on other sites, as well as posting them in the same order as one another! ..This may inc…

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It's Certainly Been a Hot Minute

I'm not exactly sure, nor can I guarantee if activity will be picking up again on my Weasyl or not, but I have made the decision to pull all my work out of being "Friends Only". Not only do I have.. well, no grounds for what exactly had gone on in that last journal, but everything has since been up…

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Some Changes...

So... Not that I use this account much in the first place, but it's come to my attention that something is up, and not anything good. Resultingly, I'm going to do something that might be disheartening. My works on here, as well as any other place where I haven't hidden my works away, are being used…

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A First Journal of Sorts??

Hello, fellow Weasyl Users! My apologies for not posting and being an... unusually dead account! That's no good, but that's also what I'm here for! I seem to have this tendency to want to post for this site at the beginning of the year with entirely new work, but in recent days, I realize this is h…