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Sascha Brandt / 44 / Male / Switzerland

Commissions: Open
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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Patreon Rewards

EN: I slightly changed my Patreon rewards, new you get for 1$ every month a pose sketch. DE: Ich habe meine Patreons Rewards leicht angepasst, neu erhälst du für 1$ monatlich eine Posen-Skizze

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Piracy 2

EN: I thought about it and I think it's better if I prefer to invest the time in the main comic, rather than in extra pages that are only intended for a handful of readers and are stolen anyway. At the time I draw 4 pages per month for Sandra's Day, which was just meant for the beginning of the sto…

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Patreon piracy

EN: I recently received a link to a page offering all of my exclusive works for Patreon. Without my consent and without getting anything for it. I'm pretty frustrated, because I spend a lot of time in the extra pictures and pages, and that only for a handful of people. And others steal them: '( I w…

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New reward on Patreon

EN: With the beginning of the new webcomic adventure of Sandra and Sarah, you can now purchase on Patreon the pages and images of the comic in HiRes. DE: Mit dem Start zum neuen Webciomic Abenteuer von Sandra und Sarah, kann man nun die Seiten und Bilder des Comics auf Pat…