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Teo / Non-binary (He/They) / MD

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Updating Gallery

Since Tumblr is shitting the bed, I am going to be making a full comeback here, uploading stuff from last year as well as lot of stuff from this year. Going to take me a while, but I'll slowly upload stuff over the course of the week (maybe like 10-20 things from 2018 a day??) so that it's spaced o…

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Commission Queue I am always open for commissions! Up to 10 slots of any of the categories listed in that queue up there. How-to: You can send me a message here (I will try to get back to you ASAP), on tumblr, or shoot me an email at First, send me your idea, your email I can rea…

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Iron Artist [100 Slots]

100 SLOT IRON ARTIST Hi, hello. I’m going to be opening 100 slots to take up for this. All slots are for a flat-color full-body much like pictured above. Please, even if you don’t want a slot (or more) if you cold spread this, I’d appreciate it a ton. I am completely broke, and am being hassled nea…