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Some upd8s i guess

some smallish updates I guess (lots of crappy stuff happened, but I'm focusing on the good) my own apartment get! I move in next week. :) two jobs get! Front desk at a salon and an intern at a high end gallery will be saving up for mode of transportation (scooter?) will be adopting cat within the y…

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How old were you when.. (a meme cos lul)

Lost your virginity? 16. Wasn't by choice. Lost someone close to you? 15. Friend to suicide (WELLTHIS IS SUPER DEPRESSING ALREADY) Consumed alcohol? Lil kid sipping? 4ish. Straight up? 14. Received a kiss? 15. Went to the hospital? As a baby being born, so 0? I 'hung' myself and had jaundice. Had a…

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Cirles: Or, Thoughts on growing up

Walking back home is always something to look forward to at the end of my pathetic workload of class Mondays and Wednesdays. I usually walk pretty briskly, head low, hurrying to my dilapidated apartment thats just about as empty as my mind is during these little walks. Every once in a while I space…

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Valentines Day Sale!

Howdy. So, everything I'm offering below will be done guaranteed by february 14th~ Fully colored matching avatars for $15 A flat colored pic of a couple for $40 A full colored pic of a couple for $50 All chibis are $10 :>

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ATTN: Columbus, OH residents

Hey! So, TL;DR current living situation is gonna go up in smoke and I need to find another place to live. I found a 2BR apt down in bexley and its hella nice. I need a roommate. Rent combined is 450 a month including water (So 230 apiece). We'd only need to pay for electricity and WiFi between the…

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Get ter know me mum

What's your real name? Leyda. Yeah, see why my usernamehandle thing isn't that creative? How tall are you? Five foot six, yo. What's your natural hair color? Oh jeezes. I think its like a dark brownish black? But every time I'm int he sun its reddish. What's your eye color? Brown, because I'm hella…

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Hey people!

I stole dis from Merri :> what's your blog/tumblr :> what's is your favorite food ? what would you say is your best quality? Favorite character from anything? what's your favorite tv show. ? what is your biggest fear ? what is your usual morning routine ?