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Lcblakeman / 103 / Male / United States

Hello, everybody
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Oh my god! As if making the art of Mr. Giant Raccoon dominating me with his big giant sexy soles wasn't enough, Master @KageTheNightBlight also made me the art of @Bedford95 stepping on me by accident, but, also like his dad, he's dominating me with his big giant sexy soles, too~ Here's the link: h…

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Guess what?

I'm still a giant raccoon, but I'm also supporting the USA Olympics. Here:

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Best Surprise Ever!

Oh my god! Master @KageTheNightBlight made my day after making me this treat:

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Hey there

I'm now a raccoon. Here:

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Big News

My best friend @KageTheNightBlight made me this art of Master Helios the Sun God Cougar. Here's the link: Roleplay is allowed.