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Latte / Glitch City

7 -33▒ A◥▃☵ !▯ ▃☵F␝ ␞9▒▮ █/A◥99 ␒a░◥██ 2 A23▩0 -▒ ▩n9 99█░▩ ␒▯◥◥▃␡ fj▩26░ {◥nn▩☵ █2
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i updated my icon, haha. haven't been real active, still kinda on hiatus. i plan on coming back to posting art regularly soon, though! i'm way more active on twitter and my sideblog on tumblr, and i post art there more often, just as a reminder. that's all!

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i forgot weasyl was here for a while!!! i'm sorry if i didnt respond to some old comments uhh you guys are really great though <3 i've been on a little bit of a hiatus lately trying to improve myself with art, so it's been really slow, but once i feel more confident i'll probably post a little more…

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hey there

i guess i forgot about weasyl for a while, but it's alright, i'm just lazy haha. i'm gonna be uploading stuff so hold on

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whoa i'm kind of overwhelmed!! all of you are really cool and i want to respond to everyone but it's currently past 2 in the morning and i'm dropping out of my chair @_@ i'm not trying to ignore anyone, i promise!

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hey there! i'm just moving here from FA, so i'm going to be posting my favorite artworks tonight. if i'm flooding your inbox and it bothers you, i can change that. you might also recognize me from Tumblr as 0-ERROR or FA as Monstertime. i like this site a lot! i guess i just get a little worried ab…