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Front Page Journal!

That meme has been up there for too long, and it's for last year's CFz :P This year's was so much better. So.... how is everyone? :3

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Confuzzled Meme!

What is your name • Kyth What is your gender? • Female How old are you?? • 31 How tall are you? • 5ft 3" Are you in a relationship? • Yes Where are you staying?? • At teh dagginhaus What day are you getting there? • 22nd Who will you be with? • Travelling with Zenon and maybe Ixis (if she can make…

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Things About Me Meme

First thing you wash in the shower? My hair. What color is your favorite hoodie? Purple. I have three favourite purple hoodies: MC Lars (which is massive and great for lounging in), my Studio one and a SuperDry one for when I wanna look curvy. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Yes :3…

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Getting To Know Me Meme

Stole this from EVERYONE What's your real name? Jenna Names you go by? Kyth in furry. Rae/Ab on WoW How old are you? 31 How old do you feel/act? Sub-30 How tall are you? 5'3" What's your natural hair colour? Dark blonde What's your eye colour? Blue What's your orientation? Heteroflexible Are you si…

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So Weasyl...

Heya :3 Think the plan for today is move all my galleries over here using that cool add-on. Tagging everything is gonna be fun. Don't really use tags. Apologies for the spam. Kyth x PS. New supercool front page banner by SneeChee!!