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Lol >3>

I love how I said in my last journal that I'd be active, I was for awhile then died off again lol. I'm going to be inactive on here for maybe... a year or a little less than that? But after that I'll be back c: just dealin' with life and stuff.

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Omg - Becoming more active here

Yooooo..... I can't believe I died off this site, I have so much stuff to post on here xD. I plan on becoming more active on here. Gonna gather all the images that i like and haven't posted on here, and post 'em.

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Heeeyyyyy ovo

Hiiii, sorry I haven't been posting in awhile ;u; I forgot about my weasyl account. I guess, if you still want to find more of my recent work, you'd have to go to my DA for now xD. This is my DA ~ xKoday