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"The woman who mans the Argos inside shoe shops."
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Freqfox - Dusk To Dawn

Free Download: https://freqfox.bandcamp.com/ It says buy but you don't have to give money, nor do I expect anyone to. 01 Dusk 5:28 02 Haunted 4:31 03 Conviction 4:15 04 Swords 4:32 05 Shards 5:28 06 Machinery 6:29 07 Ritual 5:52 08 Luna 4:05 09 Dawn 6:30 47:10 Total Recorded 18th April 2013 - 22nd…

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Livestream Live Electronic Music http://livestre.am/4JPtn

On the 11th of January I did a test livestreaming some live improvised modular synthesiser music. Over the course of an hour it went to space, to acid, to prog, to Bognor Regis and beyond... Along with painful oscillator drifting. The recording of the hour outing can be found here: http://livestre.…

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owls in hangar

And there I was a constipating consumer in the piss-coloured hangar fraught with ghost of owls spinning wheels over the carpet I’d previously installed under the impression that it would make them go away. “Sprocketed handlebars!” I cursed, “These blasted nonsensical ghasts of intellectual depravit…

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Woah babies composite are crazy intense