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KeryoWolfe / 33 / Male / Lykaios Backwoods, Mobius

Time to Return the Peace to Mobius
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State of Mind

This quarantine hasn't been easy on me at all. After losing my job, I've been at home unable to leave. Going places is a nightmare because apparently I'm at a higher risk to catch the virus. My sleep schedule is destroyed. I struggle to sleep at night. I interact with people even less now than I us…

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See Pictures First and Appear in Photoshoots!

So yeah, kinda feel like I should let people in on what's going on. So, if you're in my Discord, Vault 69, you can actually see any and all pics I make a day in advance before I post them here. Also, if you're in the Discord, you can actually ask me there to take pictures of you! Granted you need t…

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Testing Something

Trying out Postybirb as my usual multiuploader seems to be a bit broken atm.