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Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice
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NAS Statistics or....Holy crap I have a lot of content.

I spent all night trying to coax Plex on my FreeNAS box to output the stats on my media from its SQLLite database. Finally was able to do so. So! Storage: 15 TiB of storage. Used by media: 8.02 TiB HRS:MIN:SEC of video: Movies: 1113:52:54 TV: 1459:51:51 Anime: 92:48:05 Total: 2666:32:50 111 days, 2…

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*looks around the place*

Huh. So this is what a modern furry website is like. OMG you actually have access control on individual images!?? gasp With FA's continuing string out outages over the last year I basically said screw this and made an account here. I plan on doing uploads over the course of the next week.