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Kayju7 / 42 / female / midlands, UK

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Crossfire Bloodlines Story is ago

Okay I’ve finally made my mind up with writing out a rough story layout for the new Crossfire Bloodlines Story. It’ll take a long time to get this new story from roughly written and ready for a beta writer to look it over and even longer for it to be shown anywhere, I will still be doing my art but…

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Sonic fan art

I'm in the process of drawing Sonic fan art currently doing "Sonic and the Back Knight" I was wounding what other fan art to do next?

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I have 4 days off work so I'll be doing alot of streaming over the next few days. I hope some of you will come watch, also to let you know I live in the UK.

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Hello and Weclome XD

Hello and welcome my name is Kayju7, formerly known as Matirx7. I had that name since 2002 and yes it was a spelling error that’s just kind of stuck. Anyway the past 2 years have been bad as I diagnosed anxiety and depression this stopped me drawing and other things, I’ve lost a lot in the past 8 m…