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KartoffelFledermaus / 20 / Male / USA, Central Time Zone

I like big guts and I cannot lie
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Looking for People Who are Taking Requests and/or Art Trades

So, the whole fusions project is definitely more of a long-term thing. In the meantime, I wouldn't mind doing some art trades, or requesting art from others. Just so y'all know, I'm really in the mood to see art of Lion from Steven Universe, and/or of King from The Owl House. So my requests will de…

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Let's Get Fuse-ical!

Let's fuse up a bunch of characters! Suggest as many characters as you want in the comments! They can be whoever you want, from whatever you want!

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Inflation Suggestion Box

I think I know what I'm going to specialize in now: BIG BELLIES. So if you wish to see a character with all manners of large stomachs*, suggest them in the comments below! *sadly, I'm not sure if I'll do much vore...

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I Honestly Hardly Know What to Draw Anymore

My creative blocks are getting worse and worse now. If you have any art ideas, run them by me! I might take your idea! However, I don't think I could do any big projects, like comics, sequences, or series.