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Help me find a Fursuit Maker or two please!

Hey all! I'm looking for a little help in finding a fursuit maker or two. Trying to get a list so I can go to them and find out what they'll charge. So if you know any makers that you think could pull off any/all of the following, let me know below! Also please spread the word! Fursona - http://www…

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Contact Info List

Here's a full list of ALL the places you can find me O_o. Why you would want to, I don't know :P AIM: KaleShadowWalker YIM: kale_ShadowWalker MSN: KaleShadowWalker@hotmail.com GTalk(Google Talk): KaleShadowWalker@gmail.com Trillian Astra: KaleShadowWalker Skype: KaleShadowWalker Raptr: KaleShadowWa…