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I'm moving to DarthAislin https://www.weasyl.com/profile/darthaislin so if you like my work, please do rewatch me there. owo I'll be reposting a couple pieces most likely, but otherwise it'll be completely new work.

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Streaming! (SFW)

Doing a 2h painting practice~! Link: https://secure.join.me/498-896-545 Note: Please do let me know who you are by accessing the chat feature when you first join, and which website you're visiting the stream from! I'd love to know who's joining. owo

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To the destruction of 2012, as predicted by the all mighty Mayan gods! Now as 2013 is racing towards us, and we approach spring from a belated winter, mother Gaia may yet bless us all with an apocalyptic glimpse of the Armageddon advancing towards our feeble societies; as the undead rise from their…