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omg. leaving in 3 days to go to chicago to go to what will probably be THE BEST CONVENTION EVER. i am beyond ecstatic! i'll be there from thursday to monday! i'm flying out wednesday from orlando to indiana to drive to the con with my best friend :D i'll be fursuiting A LOT. so don't be afraid to c…

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"Earthbound"/Brown Paper Drawing Books?

What is the best brand? Where is the best place to get one? I have really been wanting one for some time now, so i'd love to hear where you guys get your fancy ones that look so awesome and nice. i also prefer spiral sketchbooks just because... who doesn't? LOL. but yeah! links, names, locations, w…

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hi i'm new

just testin this out! i'll delete it later asndj gf hjlakdujhr4 rjhwklabfnjkn bubububuuuuu