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I made a mistake.

I showed the internet my Starbound guns project, and I was told that: It's a bad idea It would induce choice paralysis It would flood the crafting screen And none of this will change even if I decided to make it into an open resource for anyone to take and modify as they wish. So I've decided to re…

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Cross-posted courtesy of Tumblr

Dear Tumblr, Tom Siddell has apologized. You refused to forgive him. Last I heard now, he’s contemplating suicide. All I’m going to say is that it would surprise me none if I also get harassed and accused of being transphobic just because I believed Tom’s remorse to be genuine. Well, if Tumblr even…

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It would be real nice if there was a downloader add-on for Weasyl exactly like how Furaffinity Extender worked. Just click on submission and it'll download the picture automatically. But I'm not sure that will fly with the admins of this site. Actually, now that I mention it, why doesn't this site…