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collective of distorted sounds
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Pbbbtbtbt Hi

I'm still alive. I'm mostly active on FA and Twitter, but I'll be updating this with some of my more favored pieces from the past year.

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Hello hello!

How's everyone doing lately? I know I update this place with art semi-frequently, hopefully more frequently when I have more personal work to post. But I'd like to become more active interaction-wise as well! So like, tell me about yourselves, your interests, etc. I'd love to get to know more of yo…

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Back from FWA!

I'm back and will be resuming my work tomorrow! The con was an absolute blast and I loved every minute of it <3 I miss you all so much, and Sunday has left me complete mush. Here's to future cons!

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FWA 2k14 let's do it

Where are you staying? The doghouse p much What day are you getting there? Thursday early afternoon! How are you traveling? Vroom vroom Who will you be rooming with? How is the best way to find you? Tweet at me (@JackalTeeth) or text me if you've got my number! Are there any panels you might be att…

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Get to know me and everyone else in your inbox

What's your real name? Tyler. How tall are you? 5'3" What's your natural hair color? A brown-red type deal idfk What's your eye color? Bluuuue What's your orientation? Gay, mostly. Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken! What do you do in your sparetime? Hang around friends, draw, sculpt, play g…

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I love this site

I really do. <3 What's up with you guys? How've you been doing? Anything FUN and INTERESTING to talk about?

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My work is NOT to be reposted to other sites!

Hey all! I've had an incident recently where my art has been reposted to Tumblr without my permission to do so. I wanted to take this chance to state that, unless it was something drawn for you on commission, I do not allow for my art to be posted anywhere other than where I post it myself. I have…