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Tye / 30 / Male

collective of distorted sounds
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Gallery Purge - Follow Me Elsewhere for Consistent Updates

I'll be taking time today to delete the majority of this gallery. There is a build up of old art that I no longer wish to be up here. While I greatly prefer the UI of this site to other gallery hosts, I really have no incentive to post here, which is why I post rarely and in bursts. If you want to…

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My work is NOT to be reposted to other sites!

Hey all! I've had an incident recently where my art has been reposted to Tumblr without my permission to do so. I wanted to take this chance to state that, unless it was something drawn for you on commission, I do not allow for my art to be posted anywhere other than where I post it myself. I have…