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since a lot of people moved Im logged myself in again and went throw all the unread messages XD; I will try to sort things a bit and hopefully update this gallery a bit more for people that moved here :3

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Welcome verybody :D

Fewwwww soooo many new people here <3 I was so lazy not checking here but Im trying to catch up all my sites XD;;; Im very happy weasly is now open for everyone and I cant wait to see it grow :3 of course FA will still be the site more updated since Im old and lazy and what not D: anyway this still…

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Helluuuu Weaslyyyyy

so finally a Weasly welcome journal :3 took me forever to figure where I can upload a journal(even thought I been submiting stuff already durrrr XD;; ) I dunno what you people like to see ^^ I guess this goes without comissions sooo uhhh sketches maybe? or fanart people made for me? :3 I dunno plea…