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Oh my! Thank you for all the new watches and faves! Totally made my morning! :3 You all rock! <333

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Back to the artings!

Ok! Back to the free art that I owe. Had to take a day off of working on them because work beat my ass. ;; <3

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Free Badge Offer!

Screw it. I'mma post this today. Tomorrow I will take on 4 requests. Two headshot badges, fully colored. (One person each please) And Two headshot icons, fully colored. (Again, one per person please) These will most likely be in my "cartoonish" style, as realism would take far too long. If interest…

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*drags arse*

So freaking tired. Was at work from 4am till about 1 pm. ;; I am thinking about doing some freebies sometime this week as I need to get my artist mojo flowing just a bit more. Think I'll be offering up a few free badges and icons. I'll post another journal probably on Tuesday.