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Harry Hazard / ? tiger ? void ? / canada

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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN [+ some this-week-only discount info]

Hey gang! I haven't quite finished getting this account up to date (mainly because my internet has been Too Mega Slow for any hardcore uploading) but if you want to put your eyeballs on my more recent stuff and don't want to go on FurAffinity (lord kno I would prefer not to at this juncture) you ca…

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I always feel hella overwhelmed by the idea of crossposting all my stuff onto here so INSTEAD OF THAT! I am just going to post a handful of my favourite things i've done recently and then start crossposting everything here going forward. SO. HERE WE GO. If you wanna see more of my older stuff you c…

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i still function

ayyy whats up ive decided im going to use this account again after a long period of neglect, im gonna be movin some of the stuff ive drawn over the last while over here but. over a few days probably so im not just spammin real hard or nothin.