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leaving again, again?

being a small artist means i have to focus on getting myself seen and known when i upload my art. sadly, weasyl is a lot less popular than i thought. after trying to catch the attention of anyone working on weasyl and failing, i'm thinking about abandoning weasyl and going to sofurry instead. mainl…

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back again

i've caught up my fa and weasyl up to each other, so i'm gonna try to upload to both at the same time from now on so i don't have to do any more bulk uploads. i also uploaded a bunch of nsfw stuff. enjoy

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goodbye weasyl lmao

the main reason i switched over from furaffinity to weasyl was because this website visually looks nicer, and it doesn't have the dumb resolution bug. but after using weasyl for a while, the folders here work weirdly, and nesting folders doesn't work the way i'd like it to. also fa says they're fix…

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hello weasyl

I'm shifting my main gallery website from FurAffinity to Weasyl, so I'm gonna be slowly uploading most of my stuff from that website to this one. It'll also be out of order until I catch up to where I am now. I'm not gonna transfer everything over because I don't like how my old stuff looks, and th…