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Granmaw / 29 / Female / Chicago

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So I accidentally deleted ALL of my notifications aside from submissions. If you recently followed me, faved any of my art, or commented on something I apologize profusely. ;_;

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I only have $20 for transit to and from school this week and that will be gone in two days. I hate to beg but I don't have much choice at this point. I could get kicked out of school if I miss a day this week. The minimum for these commissions is $1 and you don't have to pay any more than that if y…

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$5 digital sketch commissions

Alright guys my baby (my tablet) needs to be repaired and I don’t have the money for it. It’s still working for now, but it’s on it’s way to terminally ill. So I’m opening commissions. For $5. That’s all. If you want more than one I’ll only add $2 to the price per extra piece. I’ll draw just about…

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It is time.

For the epic upload. I took today off for art so I've decided to include filling my gallery here as part of that.

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Err, hello!

What's up dudes? I'll eventually upload art here. (Maybe right now to get it over with) But I'm still in the process of cutting the umbilical cord from FA so to speak. So how y'all doing?