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New Commission Site!

Just letting folks know I am thinking of using a new site to try and host my prices and examples! https://fleurdelynx.wixsite.com/commissions It's still very much a work in progress but here's hoping it'll make things easier for people to get what they want! Speaking of, I may be hosting a sale soo…

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Found some old YCHs

Forgot I had some ofthese laying around. I'll probably post them in the following days, so please look forward to it I suppose!

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Small but Important Reminder

Reminder that you do not have permission to use my characters without my permission and if you do see anyone doing so for my or anyone else's character, to please let me know and to report for character theft.    Posted using PostyBirb

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Just saying hello

Just wanted to send a little bit of love to all my followers! I know I'm not very vocal and interactive with you all but I do appreciate you all! Posted using PostyBirb

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Art Block is a butt

Sorry about that double or even tripple post that happened earlier! Been having some issues with the uploader I use. My fault!  But the point of this journal is because I am sorry I haven't been drawing a lot lately. A bit of art block and depression/self esteem as an artist.  Hopefully I'll get ov…

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Call Me Beep Me If you wanna Reach me

Just wanted to remind folks if you like my art on some sites, I'm a little more active checking wise on Furaffinity, Deviantart, Tumblr, and Twitter! I still upload to other sites and check when I can, but if you send a message and it doesn't get replied to right away you can probably reach me on t…

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Leaving for a few weeks!

I'll be away in Puerto Rico for two weeks from March 15th to March 30th I won't take commissions or work on art during then. o/ Just letting you know I won't reliably reply