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firefly8083 / 41 / female / Tulsa Oklahoma

Sticking feathers up your butt does NOT make you a chicken
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getting to know me meme

~Taken from my pet's page ♥ ~ ~ What's your real name? Kimmy How tall are you? Too tall >.> I am 6'1" What's your natural hair color? I am a redhead ♥ a ginger What's your eye color? Green What's your orientation? Bisexual Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken What do you do in your spare time?…

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random crap I wanted to address

SO~ a few things.... 1- I have been on weasyl a while... but haven't done much with it yet o.o ima try to change that nods 2- I need to figure out how to work something other than BBC code... its SO CONFUCKLING TO ME 3- I like the word confuckling LOL 4- I need to do my profile info stuffs... and t…