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Xachary / male / chicken nugget

moshi moshi feely desu
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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new commission type

now offering traditional gouache badges/headshots! badges will be laminated and include badge clips, while headshots will be just the canvas pad painting alone. Large badges, (approx 7"x5") are $40 +shipping, small badges, (approx 4"x3") are $25 +shipping Large headshots are $35 +shipping and small…

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commissions 10% off

hey so im currently using a computer thats 10 years old and now regularly crashes and runs hot, so I'm trying to get a new pc! I've already bought some of the parts, but i still need another $300+ for the cpu and OS so now digital commissions are 10% off!! You can check out examples of my work and…

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halloween icon commissions

i have 9 slots left for my halloween icons! $20 each, examples found here: i will do humans, furries, ocs, robots, your favourite character in a spooky costume with a simple background dm to claim a slot!

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bases for sale

if you watch me you might've noticed i've been making a lot of ref sheets recently. this is because not only did i want to make sheets for all my characters, but also because i wanted to make bases so i could create adopts, and so i could sell them for others to use! i've made bases for dutch angel…

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new etsy shop!

i made a new etsy shop! its only got a few things atm but im working on some more stuff!