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Thank you for the support!

I dusted off my profile information since I post regularly here (even if it is with postybirb). I wanted to thank all y'all that fave and comment on my art here. I know weasyl isn't as popular as other sites, but the support I get here is just as important as any other. Always good to have alternat…

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Catching up with Uploads!

I'll be reuploading content here to catch up to my current art, if I tag you incorrectly, just PM me and I'll fix it right away!

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Updating the profile and such

First of all, Welcome all new watchers (or people re-watching me on this account). I wanted to mention that I've been more active here lately, I now submit roughly the same time that I do to Furaffinity. I've also updated my profile information and my available links. Be sure to check me out on Dev…

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Art dump and Updates

Hey y'all. Art dumping again. I'd advise to you, if you enjoy my art, I am more active here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/evian/ Thank you for the support nonetheless!

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Art Dump + Information

Sorry for the art dump guys, you probably all know that FA is having a weird moment, and I've finally found the time to work, but now it is gone for the time being. So, right now I'm just uploading what art I can find on here that I've neglected to for a while. Commissions taken on furaffinity will…

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Sorry for the spam

Moving some works and updating commission related stuff on here, preparing for furaffinity's downtime this weekend! This will be my main hub until FA is back up!

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Becoming more active

Hey guys, thank you all for watching me on here. I have been slow to update on here, mainly because I have a much larger following on furaffinity, and I post more art there than on here. BUT! I would like to build a nice following here as a backup, in case FA goes down for maintenance, or just as a…

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Tumblr and Sketches

I upload sketches and doodles exclusively here on this tumblr! Check it out peeps. http://bugslushie.tumblr.com/

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What I will draw

Clean Babyfur Soft Vore Bondage Sizeplay TF (paw, tg, age change, basic TF) Yaoi/Yuri Futanari Cunt Boys Tentacles Gore/death Hypnotizing Masturbation Taur Spanking Feral/anthro Pooltoy/inflatable Plush Watersports (ask) Just ask if you are unsure about anything. There are fetishes or ideas I don't…