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Finlay / female / my headworld~

"Die Intelligenz läuft mir nach, aber ich bin schneller!"
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Heyy Watchers, how are you? :D I am not really active here, so try to change that ^^ So, tell me something about you! How was your day? What do you want to do with your life (like what do you want to archieve/become)? I really love that kind of question ^^ I am watching way too many tv series at th…

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.: Iron Artist - Open :.

Hey! So, I always wanted to an Iron Artist Challenge and now I think I can just open them and let's see where this brings me to, right? ^^ They will be Sketches like this: (Yes, with this minimal shading, though you can also wish it not to be…

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.: New Tumblr blog only for my art~ :.

Hey people :D So I made a new tumblr only for my art :) There you can see finished artworks, wips, or sometimes even have the chance of a freebie~ So, please follow me there if you are interested <3 Love, ~Fin

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.: One Free ACEO! - Raffle :.

Thought, I would offer it here too~ There is a ACEO Trade left on my To-Do-List but since I don't like doing only one ACEO at a time, I thought I make a little raffle~ Comment here with a ref of your character (Please no anthros); I prefer dragons or canines, and I'll give your a number You have to…

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.: Naturama 2014! + Tombola :.

Hey there! I just wanted to tell you, that the Naturama project is now officially open for taking requests! It's a project that raises funds for endangered animals like tigers, wolves, bees and many more <3 I am taking part in it, so you can get a picture from me too to a much cheaper price than us…

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.: Commission Special closed + Hiatus Update :.

Hi people! So.. I am back? No, I am not xD I just figured that it would be time to just look into dA shrtly before going back to studying (still not over ;u; ) Till now, I passed all my exams, but the next one is the hardest, so wish me luck D: (But only if you want to, haha xD) - And, I got an ide…

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Okay, hello my dear watchers :) You might have noticed that I was really productive the last days/weeks. I feel like I could draw all day~ But that really isn't good at all xD Since I should really study now (Too many tests in a too short period of time I really shouldn't fail. Because I need the g…

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Random things~ My live xD

So, hi there ^^ So sorry for being so .. dead xD I accidently logged off of weasyl like.. two weeks ago and than was to lazy to search for my password (since I wasn't able to remember it ^^) But however, you didn't miss anything ^^ University started again and I have so freaking much work to do, th…

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Hi there :D

Finally found where I can write an Journal :D This site sounds like fun (I especially like this "Commission" Function- something new for me to try out I guess x3 And these befirending of people.. it confused me o.O First I thought that meant watching people.. yes, i saw the Follow- button right aft…