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I'll behave when you tell me what a HAVE is and how to BE one!
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Story Commissions Now Open

I charge 1 cent a word. You give me the ideas (characters -could be yours with mine, or just random characters- and kinks you want involved). I will write out the story for you. I WRITE PRONZ! So it will be NSFW. Also, I tend to nitpick my writing, so it may take a while for the piece to be uploade…

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Renaissance Fair (Thrift Store Parody)

This was filmed here at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival over the last few weeks (from the opening weekend until this past weekend). A friend of mine is working there, and she told me about this video - they even got the king, the queen and her ladies, the washer women, the sirens, the mermaid and…

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YCH Auction Over

ArcticWolf451 of SoFurry and FurAffinity won the auction with a bid of $35.

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AUCTION IS HERE Art for this auction is being done by SythraWolf The blue pose is my character, Toxycyty ( Toxycyty & Toxy in Lingerie ). You will be bidding on the PINK character. What you will get: A piece of art with you fucking Toxycyty. You will also get an icon of your character. The final pi…

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Art Auction Upcoming

I'm holding an art acution!!! - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/champagne98/ I bought a couples bundle from an artist on FA, and I am holding an auction there soon, so best come find me there to see the auction info. And it will be so easy to find the auction piece if you're following me on FA!! My…