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EclipseSilverstar / female / Australia

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Summary Of What's Currently Happening

! Fellow Greetings, And Salutations To You All Amazing Dergs, And Furs ! Been a while since my last journal and thought I'd give a little heads up to you all on my current situation. College has been somewhat exhausting in both terms of stress, and giving me little spare time to draw anything. With…

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Terms of Service Been Updated, And What Is Happening...

Just making a journal to enlighten you all on my current status, and what has been happening. So far, college has been quite interesting while all in the while I've met some awesome people who indeed have the same common interests as I do which was also awesome. I've been learning lots with this co…

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Christmas, The New Year, And 2016

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas and with the up-bringing of the New Year and 2016 just on the way, I'm hoping that my small hiatus that has been going on mainly due to huge art-block x..x and spending time with my family which may explain the slow progress of my artworks will soon b…

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Terms of Service

For now I will be leaving my Terms of Service document on my front page for those interested to take a peek. Please be aware that I'm still under consideration as to whether or not I'll be taking commissions from the general community. In-case being I do open them, the document will already be pres…

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Weasyl Account Created!

Thought I'd expand my artwork, and make an account :3 Will be posting artworks as the days progress.