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EarthShaking / 37 / Nonbinary

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I still function

I haven't updated in a good while. I'll post some more recent work.

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Opening to a few requests

I've been out of ideas lately, so if you have any simple* requests I might be able to draw a thing. I can make no promises, though. I'm not opposed to adult requests but please accept it if I say I can't, or won't, draw something. (*"simple" is subjective, I know, but extremely detailed character d…

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Markers? ??

If anyone knows good tutorials for using markers I'd be really appreciative. All I ever seem to find are for using them with stamps, or using them to draw skin for anime people.

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Getting settled in,

Like so many others, I'm here in the aftermath of another furaffinity outage. I think I'll stay, though. This site is very quick and easy to use. Will probably post commission information soon.