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Virensere / Female / Latvia

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Going on a trip

Heyy guys! Yeap, i'm going on a trip to London with my mum from the 1st to 6th of July! How cool is that?! But yeah, that means i won't be around much those days. It's pretty much gonna be plain ol' tourism! Gonna check museum, and stuff like that. Definitely go with the London's eye hah! But besid…

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Art trades?

Hey guys! How are you all? School has started again, and i'm gonna start going back to good old fine arts after classes this year. Will be practicing painting with oils in Tuesdays, drawing on Wednesdays and sculpting on Thursdays! Gotta get my arm moving on big formats and so on xD But yeah, to th…

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Heads up in name change!

Heads up! Just so there wouldn’t be unnecessary confusion- I’ve made a name change on DeviantArt. I am now Virensere instead of Dragoono, so don’t be surprised about the watermarks not matching. But Dragoono is not gone completely, so no worries! Call me whatever you want haha. Wow i’m bad at annou…

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(First journal ahah) Yeah, sorry for my late posting and in batches. I'm not used to visiting here daily xD Hope you're all doing good! c: Cheers! ~Dragoo