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Doc / 26 / genderfluid / Michigan

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Art Spam

YEAH HAHA SO I KEep forgetting Weasyl exists. Tonight or tomorrow expect a lot of art. Uh. Just a warning I suppose?? ouo;;

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uploading some old stuff

YEAH gonna be crossposting from my dA and get more art on here. I always forget to upload stuff to weasyl

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Stream Sale!! details here! I don't know how to go live or w/e here on weasyl, forgive me ;v;

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To-Do List

I've got to put this somewhere I'll find it easily later. So, here counts. ouo;; I'll likely add onto this as I remember stuff throughout the day. -Upload the stuff I've been posting to tumblr -Compose a thing to post on TeenyCom -Finish werewoof floofs