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del / NYC

hello I am del
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hey sorry for the quietness!

woah sorry about being dead for the past week or so, I just got hired over at Hullabalu and I've been super busy at work drawing. It's incredible ;u;! But I'll likely be updating here on the weekends and whatnot, but feel free to hit me up on twitter aaaah <3

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Holy hecky hello everybody! Thank you everyone for following me oh man. I truly truly appreciate it, wow. Hmm so I'd thought of transferring more from dA and whatnot but I figured I'd leave it to my more recent stuff at least. Give myself a fresh start I guess. Fresh starts are good. So yeah, I'm D…

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Testing the waters...

Just trying this out to see how I like it. It would be nice to be part of an art community again, since I've essentially abandoned dA. [shudders] So hello! I'm Del.