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deathbedwishes / 25 / Non-Binary

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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I feel ignored every where I go to share my art blugh no one seems interested in it

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Christmas Help?

Hey guys, I'm finally back. Now I have all my shit working and I can do commissions and post more often again. So, I need help from now until Christmas time, because a multitude of reasons! I have no income any more, and I need money to pay for my medications, food, etc. My boyfriend is coming up t…

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Emergencyish commissions

Sorry guys, all my electronics crapped out so I won't be posting very much (not that I was before haha). But I need a new phone (for job and other things, like being active on here and other sites) So I'll be opening up some comissions for $10. The best way to get a hold of me is on my tumblr! ( ec…

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I've been so depressed lately, borderline suicidal. I'm so tired and drained of energy all the time :/ dsknvc dsfkv I just want to draw and make stuff but still be social and be happy, wweeehhhh